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Building permits are legal authorization approved by the government to start a new or existing construction project. The process of building permit approval is challenging, time-consuming, and frustrating. Hence, our project managers handle everything from groundwork to a variety of permitting services customized to your requirements and budget plan. When you are with the iTi Building Permits team, you can save money and time and have peace of mind knowing that our experts provide better and more effective permitting services.


New Construction Permitting

Our experts take systematic approaches to execute the whole permitting procedure from project planning to completion. We facilitate all necessary permits for a new building construction project including

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Commercial Construction Permitting

Our building permit experts have the latest market knowledge for executing commercial building permit projects of all sizes whether in cities, communities large or small. we offer simple commercial construction permitting procedures for.

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Existing Construction Permitting

We have many years of experience with a wide variety of alteration projects, helping our clients to avoid delays and keep their projects moving smoothly. Alteration permits include.

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Land Use or Zoning

Constructing any structure often requires zoning services and every municipal authority handles the sanction procedure differently. Our team of experts can help evaluate plans before presenting, ensuring zoning agreement, and preventing delays.

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While many construction experts are state-registered, some municipal corporations require registration with the area-based building department. We analyze your paperwork and ensure that you have all the mandatory credentials, avoiding potential delays in the inspection and building permit procedure.

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